Joseph Lesage (1884-1918)
Soldier and artist in the First World War

Food and drinks

"We eat bread and also the apples and nuts we find. Catering is not organised as well as behind the frontline. Our nerves keep us alert and help us to forget the physical misery of the danger in which we find ourselves ".


"We have to cook our plate on a log-fire. A bit of meat and a few potatoes. meat and a few potatoes. Nothing sumptuous, but palatable, which is already something ".

2 - 10 - 1914


"Eating becomes an effort. We are disgusted with the stench of this rotten atmosphere, flies every where ".


"Everything is frozen. Not only the soil and the water, but all the food-stuff: potatoes, beans, bread ".

30 - 1 - 1917

"With a fair amount of distaste I eat the mash served by the field kitchen".

11 - 2 - 1917