Joseph Lesage (1884-1918)
Soldier and artist in the First World War


"The weather this week, frost and snow, has inspired this drawing. Th. beautiful feast has fail. to give me one single moment of Joy. My thoughts were elsewhere, with of you".

26 - 12 - 1915

"These feast-days are sad events over here ".

23 - 12 - 1916

"It seems to be so simple. People think it just requires a pencil applied to a piece a paper in order to have a drawing. This is not true. It Is much more difficult. I have for instance to prepare the Christmas-edition of Is Mouchoir, but my mind is empty... totally empty. But the work I have to do for Le Mouchoir remains dear to me and takes my mind off the miseries, the thought of which would completely depress me. I will try not to be sad and to follow Mimy, who has promised me to be strong. The temperature is on average - 10. The most beautiful silver hoar-frost I have ever seen. It is splendid !"

19 - 12 - 1917