Joseph Lesage (1884-1918)
Soldier and artist in the First World War

Le Mouchoir (14-11-1915 - 8-9-1918)

The “ House of Père Hilarion “, where the frontpaper “ Le Mouchoir ” was founded and where the mobile printing equipment was set up.

Drawing bij Joseph Lesage for the first edition of “ Le Mouchoir ”. Censorship was strict. It was forbidden to mention any location. With a knowing wink to censorship the editors gave two hints about their location:

“Mouchoir” has a double meaning here. The word “mouchoir” means “handkerchief”, but at the same time it is the name of a parcel of the forest “Bois-le-Prêtre” where their division was located.

Under the heading of the paper they wrote: “

ORGANE DU PÉRIL....? ( AH...! RIONS...! )”
(“ PAPER OF THE DANGER....? ( AH...! LET’S LAUGH....! )”)

At the same time the cursive words form the name “ PERE HILARION ” which was the name of the little house where “ Le Mouchoir ” was founded.

The first anniversary of “ Le Mouchoir ”. There are close to 2000 subscribers.

“Le Mouchoir” wins a second prize in the contest for the best frontpaper.