Joseph Lesage (1884-1918)
Soldier and artist in the First World War


"One might think that a trench on Its own does not mean a lot. But trenches are huge defensive works. When newspapers report that we have taken 1 or 2 trenches, behind this message there are terrible efforts and sometimes a massive loss ".

1 - 2 - 1915

" This war of moles, which forces us always to live in the ground. “.

7 - 2 - 1915

"Horrible weather to-day, after snow and -18 degrees. Last night all of a sudden a thaw, +8, set in accompanied by heavy rain. And the mud !! We prefer the cold, but -18 is slightly exaggerated ".

29 - 11 - 1915

"We stand knee-deep in water in the trenches. It is terrible, but we must not give up. Day and night we must stand firm. What patience and endurance ! No one will ever realise what the soldiers have gone through. This second winter will be more difficult, because we know what lies ahead ".

3 - 12 - 1915

"Continuous gun-fire. The only result: a waste of money. The adversaries are like two dogs on the leash continuously barking at each other in order to demonstrate superiority. But when opposite field artilleries want to display their power, the infantry has to foot the bill ".

1 - 3 - 1916