Joseph Lesage (1884-1918)
Soldier and artist in the First World War


" A horrifying memory of dark and icecold nights with the wounded screaming and crying for their mother, their wife....".

26 - 9 - 1914

"The Krauts had had the time to turn the forest into a real fortification. Before having seen one German soldier our troops have been mown down by countless machine-guns ".

26 - 9 - 1914

"One just goes mad seeing the battlefield and its terrifying massacre ".

17 - 4 - 1915

"Everyday I get news about comrades who have died. With the exception of Ledain (a chaplain and co-founder of Le Mouchoir) all the collaborators of Le Mouchoir are dead. Ledain could bury two of them in a coffin, that is to say one trunk and one charred head. It is horrible !"

18 - 9 - 1916